Our River, Our Home

Few issues impact our beautiful peninsula more severely than the continuing deterioration of our water quality in the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon Estuary.  The river is our heritage, our economic base, our recreation, our future, and the future or our children.  Our property values rely on maintaining a healthy environment to raise and teach our kids.  As an avid boater, wind surfer, scuba diver, and blue water sailor, I’m committed to driving and supporting issues that ensure my two boys benefit from the life lessons of having one of the most bio-diverse lagoon systems in the northern hemisphere in our backyard.  Sadly, from a water quality perspective, the devastation of 2016 significantly overshadowed the “Lost Summer of 2013”.  We need immediate action to ensure the historical water flow to the Everglades is restored, and a healthy level of clean salinity is returned to our estuary.  We need action now.  We know the solution.  We need to buy the land and send the water south.  Let’s work together to support Sewall’s Point initiatives that lend our voices to this significant issue.  Let’s work together to make our rivers blue.

Read more about our river crisis and solutions from the National Audubon Society.